Need a ride? Across the country? Done.

OK, I don't mean to sound like a cocky asshole... with a dirty mouth (fingers?) ...but damn! This is fucking awesome! You can find someone driving wherever you need to go easily, who cares if you have a car? started as a way of tracking one man, Kenny Flannery (me) and has quickly evolved to much more.

UPDATE May 3, 2013: The travel search engine has grown bigger than Hobo Lifestyle, it has turned into, go find yourself a ride (or hitchhike, that's what I do).

Hobo Ride Finder is the latest addition to the site, and I created it in as many days as I've been in California; from thought to reality in less than a week. Go to and you'll find a way to find a ride or add a ride to where you're going on. You'll see a map of all the rides going on across the country or across your state to quickly travel where you want to go. You have no excuse not to travel anymore, life just got easier. Sure, I'm a friggin' Hobo, but I'm not the only one who needs to get from A to B.

This is merely the beginning. made it possible to spend a few nights in any place in the world on the cheap, and Hobo Lifestyle made it possible to get there (at least by car). Expect greatness, though, challenge me damnit. Planes and trains are next, and I expect to try to one up in the spirit of competition and collaboration. Good times are coming. By the way, Hobo Lifestyle Ride Finder is BRAND NEW, if you can't find a ride here, try craigslist, they have a similar service. If you're going on a ride, PLEASE post it at least to kick start the site, as it's much more friendly than craigslist.