"Nothing" makes me Happy

Today I'm free. I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Whitefish, MT, I've said goodbye to family and all my possessions that wouldn't fit in the backpack by my feet.

It's a good backpack too, a bit heavy, but plenty workable and worth much more than it's weight. Swiss army pack pretty much. I can be thrown out into the woods - I have my sleeping bag and a bivy sack (kind of like a one man tent that goes over the sleeping bag) and I've even got a small pot for cooking. Solar power is on my side, a water filter makes all water drinking water, my laptop of course (the Hobo 2.0 element), and even the ability use my phone get internet anywhere and everywhere I may be.

As self-reliant as that all is, I'm excited to start seeing new people and places, and sites like CouchSurfing.com make that really easy. I just started using it, and have already got in touch with some folks from Portland, OR willing to lend me their couch space. Tonight I'll be catching a train over there, and arrive sometime in the mourning.

Sites are going well too, MoBubble is really coming together and about to the point to start having some people test it out and for us to try and get some more funding for it. The Hobo site has also been going through some major changes behind the scenes, really cool stuff, still no word on when I might release all that craziness quite yet. Stay tuned, good times.