Release the Hobos!

So I've been coding a lot lately since getting to Portland, and I'm ready to let everyone know what I've been up to, and if you've been to the site today you've probably seen some of this.

First of all, is now the official site, will now point to my profile on the main site. Profile you ask? Oh yes.

Perhaps it was a bit selfish to keep it all to myself - the maps, my episodes, and the other cool stuff I've built on the site - or more likely I just think it would be really cool to see what other hobos and travelers are up to. So everything is just about setup for other hobos to join and release their own episodes, their own maps, and all the other good stuff I've been doing for a little while now.

I had to change a lot of stuff to prepare it for other people to start creating their own profiles. In the process I've made it easier to post episodes myself, and I've made the map so much better. It runs a little quicker, and it now defaults to showing my path across the world and exactly where I am the moment, check it out to see what I'm talking about.

I won't stop there either, I have plenty of other goodness in the works to help us hobos carry on including some ways to find places to stay (similar to, perhaps even working with them), ways to find rides and travel, and just plenty of ways to find resources about places and people.

Stay tuned, I'll let everybody know exactly when you can create your own profile. Good times.