Spanked in Vegas, Court and a Birthday

Vegas again, with a court date looming I spent my first morning in town relaxing at the coffee shop catching up on things. I wandered over to the bar with Shana worked, the girl with whom I was staying with. She poured me a beer and I drank it down before heading to the Golden Nugget to watch the Lakers game.

Watching games in Vegas is more exciting, the surrounding people have all kinds of agendas other than who wins or loses, but by how much or how many total points are scored in the game. After seeing the Lakers win I headed back to Shana's bar, she poured me another beer and got me a burger that I happily munched into my mostly empty stomach.

She shortly got off work and we sat at the outside bar with one of her friends and did a shot or two of whiskey. She had the idea of taking me around to a few bars, I briefly thought about my lack of money and morning court date, just as quick as I thought of it I forgot it and was ready to see what she had to show me.

Her friend's eyes were lingering and deep, yet glazed over, here and there, everywhere. She came along, the three of us marched down Fremont in search of good times. We stopped into Hogs and Heffers all doing a shot. The bartenders were fiery girls wearing little to cover, shouting into megaphones and dancing on the bar. Shana and her friend got on the bar and danced too, shaking, squeezing, and motor boating away the night away.

We moved on, slightly more buzzed now, arriving at the bar in one casino or another. We all put a bill into the video poker and started playing, we were rewarded with free drinks for doing so. Shots and beers went down, Shana's friend vanished for a while, perhaps to the bathroom.

We headed back to Shana's bar to pick up our things, but the girls got caught up in the live music. They got on stage and even sang and danced a bit. They of course knew the musicians very well and the bar was fairly empty, it was a good time.

We stumbled a few blocks away towards the car and got in. Shana went to go grab something from the apartment, her friend grabbed me from the backseat and a brief drunken make out session ensued while we were alone. We dropped her off down the road though, and continued on with the late night.

We landed in a dark bar attached to a pharmacy you'd never know was there until you were inside. My out-of-towner status was reason enough to get free drinks from the old man behind the bar. Another one of Shana's friends came through and we talked for a while until the night started to fade, we headed back to Shana's.

Shana thought she may know someone who could help me in court the next day, as late or early as it may have been she went through her phone searching for numbers. We ran back into the night to another apartment building and knocked on the door of one of her friends, waking her up to get a phone number. Eventually we would up back her place and had to pass out, my time in court was in a matter of hours and some sleep was in order.

I woke up in the morning in time to shower and throw on my button adorned shirt and some nicer pants borrowed from Larry. Shana woke up around that time and told me I couldn't wear the wrinkly shirt I had on, she grabbed an iron from the closet. She had another couchsurfer who had just arrived at the greyhound station down the street, so she ironed my shirt while I ran to the bus to guide a french girl back to the apartment.

I put the fresher shirt back on and ran out the door and headed to the court house 10 blocks away. I was pointed to a room on the 7th floor and took a seat in the court room. About an hour went by of watching various people getting accused, punished and speaking legal jargon. Finally my name was called and I stepped up alone before the judge.

He mentioned trespassing and asked me what happened, I explained, "I got punched in the face and security guided me off the property, a bit disoriented I came back and went up to my room. At that point they came up and told me I was trespassing and wrote me the violation that brought me here".

"So you were going to your room, you were staying at the hotel?", he asked me, I confirmed this and he continued, "and you came from Connecticut for this?", I told him that was true, my license is from there and it was easier than explaining my current lifestyle. "Case dismissed", the prosecutors agreed, I was out the door and free again.

I jumped down the court house steps into the desert sun of Vegas, happy to be free. I got back to Shana's where she and the french girl were both asleep, I got to doing the same. We all woke up a little later and Shana whipped up a tasty breakfast along with one of her friends who'd come over.

The four of us headed for the Golden Nugget, they had passes to the pool. It was a great pool, a shark tank in the middle and a water slide you could take from up above that actually shot through the shark tank and back into the pool. We relaxed there for a while until heading back.

The I headed back out to Fremont with the French girl, Nelly. This was her first time in Vegas, so I took her down and showed what she wanted to see, we played some penny slots for a while so she could pull the lever and these types of things.

Later that night we caught up with Shana and her boyfriend and were back on Fremont looking for drinks, our first one came free at some casino with Mermaid in the name. We then headed to a brewery in one of the casinos, I got free drinks for putting a five dollar bill in the video poker machine at the bar. I drank stout after stout watching my money go up in the machine.

Shana and her boyfriend decided to turn in, Nelly and I stayed drinking and playing. After a good amount of tasty beer we left, I'd turned my $5 into $35, considering that the $5 was just about all I had it was a pretty good turn around. We stopped in a casino and got dollar hotdogs and deep fried oreos before heading back and passing out.

I woke up the next day, my birthday, getting messages from friends and family to send some good vibes and wishes my way. I relaxed the first part of the day away before heading out to Shana's bar where I was instantly greeted with a birthday Guinness. I sat for a while drinking beers, eating a cheeseburger layered with chicken strips and poking at the video poker machine.

Shana organizes a monthly pub crawl, tonight was the night, the reason she said I should stay for my birthday. She gave me the free pass book for the night, meaning free drinks all night. We headed back when she got off work so she could change, then went back to the bar where people had already started gathering.

Shana got on her megaphone telling people the deal with the pub crawl and also letting everyone know it was my birthday. We stood around drinking and talking a while until it was time to move on to the next bar. A crowd of us herded up the block to the Beauty Bar where we all at once handed the bartender drink tickets. Shana broke out a wooden paddle, there's no telling where she got it from, announcing it was time. Girls in the group took turns smacking my ass with it, pretty tamely at first, but as the night grew on and the drinks went down... things got pretty heavy.

The bartender took a swing with the paddle as I stood on the bar, rewarding me with a free shot of vodka afterwards. We were soon off to the next bar, marching in a pack down Fremont. Beers, spanks, jaeger shots - the night continued. We wound up in Hogs again, the girl behind the bar fed me free beers and shots and took her turn with the paddle as well.

We wound up in a bar next door to Shana's, I was pretty sure my friend Iris worked there. Sure enough I spotted her serving drinks, dressed in pirate garb of sorts. I got her attention and she told me she'd be getting off work in a while and we should grab a drink. After some time at this bar we headed upstairs to a place with a big dance floor and a mechanical bull. I was given a free ride on it which didn't last very long.

Shana soon faded, the night had been long, I gave her the set of keys she'd given me and she headed home. I stayed put, on the dance floor with Nelly and some other girls who'd been on the pub crawl.

Eventually Nelly on sloppily wandered back to Shana's place, Nelly quickly passed out. I grabbed a set of keys and headed back into the night. I sat at a machine in the Golden Nugget until Iris got off work and gave me a call, I met her back at the bar. She bought me a drink at a dark bar nearby and we caught up a bit. We grabbed a beer back at Shana's bar and sat on the patio a while talking about all kinds of everything until the night was coming to a close, she gave me a ride back to the apartment and dropped me off.

The next morning the idea was to head to Utah and meet up with some folks for some camping. It'd been a great Vegas trip and a successful court appearance. As always though, I was excited for the next thing.


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