Coding in Arizona

My time in Phoenix has gone how I could have imagined it, a lot of time pecking at the keyboard writing code for my site Trip Hopping. It's not without excitement of course, the site is growing faster every day and it's fun to make it better with every key stroke.

We've been organizing some volunteers who will be coming from all over to our Trip Hopping Brew in June, helping with various parts of the website to get it going even stronger.

Between Trip Hopping sessions at Larry's kitchen table, I've enjoyed a great meal here and there and watched a lot of basketball, it's the playoffs after all. Larry also put together an impressive pirate ship bed, part of his recent custom kids beds endeavor to get some cash coming in.

This morning I went with Larry to a storage unit to help move things. Him and a guy Jon went to a sort of auction where defaulted storage units were up for grabs, people who hadn't paid for their storage or some such and it was all up for grabs. The doors get opened and people can merely peek in, the auction begins, Larry and Jon had chosen one the day before.

The storage unit revealed the story of a porn addicted sex offender, boxes of junk and papers from court houses and letters to his girlfriend. Home sex vhs tapes with labels like "wrecking the love tunnel" more or less. Categorized porn, dirty mattresses and couches. Nothing much of value, it was basically a bust. Apparently some of the storage units can turn quite a bit of a profit, not this one.

We loaded up the trailer with the sad possessions of a sexually driven pack rat. I wondered where he was at the moment, if he ever thought about the items in his storage unit, what he'd think or even care if he knew they were being ransacked by treasure hunters who'd deemed his cumulative possessions as a failed endeavor. We drove the bulk of it to the salvation army, only a few miscellaneous items were kept to perhaps be sold.

After a quick meal, Larry and I headed to Trish's apartment. The plan was to pack up her stuff, she was moving back to Larry's place. We got there only to find a note on the door, the landlord had changed her locks over some sort of financial dispute.

Back at the house I played with Trip Hopping of course, and then watched the Lakers fall to the Rockets who forced a game 7. Tomorrow there's plans to move on, my friend Nick wants to go to the grand canyon so I'm going along with him. The idea is to spend tomorrow night in Flagstaff and go from there.

After this I have to make my way to Las Vegas, I have a court date for the trespassing incident after I got banned from all MGM casinos. I also confirmed that security did in fact steal or misplace my wallet at the time, despite my drunken adamant attempts to get it back. I know this now because I looked at the ticket the cop wrote me, which has my drivers license number on it, which means they of course had my license when I went in, so I couldn't have lost it before hand.

No matter, I've replaced everything without missing a beat, but soon I'll have to see what the consequences are for that Vegas night. I'm ready for the road again.