Trip Hopping Year

The past week has been filled with Christmas, New Years and big updates to my site I spent Christmas morning with family in Connecticut, then headed to my dad's place in the afternoon where I watched the Lakers handle the Celtics over some beers.

Between Christmas and New Years I've bounced between Connecticut and Yorktown Heights, NY with my brother. We had a good day at our step mom's pool, and some good times in Weston hanging with Sean, a good bar night in there one of those nights too. One of the visits to my dad's place resulted in a few boxes full of bottles and a shoe box of mini-bottles; tequilas, gins, vodkas and more. I killed one of those bottles of tequila on New Years Eve, which my brother and I spent quietly at our folks place in Connecticut.

In between all of this I've been swimming in code for my travel site Trip Hopping, and launched all the new features New Years Eve. Now it's working really well, and people are already posting lots of rides, adding stuff to their maps and sending me feedback. It's exciting watching it grow from the simple idea I had for myself to something that's helping people travel all over the world, it should be a pretty big year now that's it's gaining some momentum. My brother even signed up, being in the Marines he's traveled all over the world, so it was awesome to see him fill out his map and be able to look at all the places he's been.

On New Years day my brother and I headed to the city with a trunk full of booze, we gave Sean and Kelly a ride in too. Sean, Mark and Kelly headed into Manhattan with Opera tickets, my bro and I ordered pizza and watched the Rose Bowl, then played Wii until about 2am along with everyone else when they got back, scattered glasses of booze and beer filled in the gaps.

We got up early today and headed back to Connecticut. Blake takes off in a few more days, so I'll likely be between here and our dad's place between now and then. I've got Rhode Island on my mind, I've also got 5 gallons of beer on my mind, it's still fermenting in Mark's room in Astoria. Two words that always apply, good times.