Vegas Treats Me Well

This was my sixth trip to Las Vegas in about a year, more casino comps, more good times, more friends to share it with. The first few nights I spent couchsurfing a little ways from the strip with Linsey, the next couple were with a couchsurfer named Mandy, also the stage manager for the show Jersey Boys, and finally the trip was rounded out at my complimentary room in Treasure Island.

I'd hitched in with my Mandie and Charish, Kelly flew in, and the three girls went to the grand canyon, but Kelly came down with a case of shingles and flew back to California. We spent most of our days and nights on the strip, Mandie and Charish enjoying getting free drinks playing the penny slots, as did I, and we enjoyed Nicks company as well, who recently moved to Vegas.

Of course, I had my fair share of throwing dice, I bet on a couple basketball games, and even played a sit-n-go poker tournament. As is par for my Vegas gambling, my money went up and down, but after all has been tallied, I am up. I was able to to share the wealth, taking my friends to a comped meal at the buffet in Treasure Island where we also stayed for free. While surfing with Mandy, not to be confused with Aussie Mandie with whom I hitched in with, we went to Red Rocks and checked out the beauty of the desert, a nice distraction from the bright Vegas lights I'm used to.

Every night had excitement and different levels of intoxication that were fitting. Tomorrow I try to escape. Jennifer, a girl I couchsurfed with in LA about a year ago, happens to live in Vegas and saw my post online looking for a ride out of town, I met up with her tonight (after extending my stay one more night) and went to a show off the strip, in the morning she said she can help get me to a suitable on ramp headed out of town, Phoenix bound.

It feels good to be up overall after having a great time, and it was great to share it with friends. Mandalay Bay has offered to put me up in a Suite at their hotel, the kind that has multiple bathrooms and a living room, so the thought is to come back to town after Thanksgiving and enjoy the luxury over there with as many friends as possible. I haven't booked the room yet, but it may be in the cards, of course all are welcome to come and stay. Never a dull Vegas, but now, on to the next trip.


  1. Hi, this is Tommy I drove you and the girls up to Las Vegas from Barstow CA. I'm glad everyone had agreat time. Email me links of your adventures to Stay well and be safe. (702)245-2717


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