Pounds of Pot and a San Fran Halloween

After a car ride I found myself at another growers house, I'd be there for three weeks trimming branch after branch of the best pot I've seen. The days blended together, everyone woke up around noon or later, some breakfast and coffee, then clipping away, joints circling around every so often.

It was great to help out, I had my own room, the fridge was always stocked with beer, and I never went hungry for even a moment. The giant majestic dog wandered around too, sometimes knocking branches off hangers with his tail, sometimes scouring the floor for a quick high or begging for a loose bud to chew on. He'd beg to sit on the couch, he'd have to be told yes a few times before he'd sit down and relax.

Different people came on the scene to trim for a pinch of time or longer and then go. I was the last to leave, just about the whole crop had been trimmed and was either bagged or drying on the branch. All of it was going to different clinics, once you get a medical card you're allowed to legally grow a certain number of plants depending on what county you live in.

I finally left with some cash in pocket and a jar for the road. I spent a night just north of Berkeley, and then got a ride right into the city the next day, Halloween, to couchsurfing's base camp. I spent the afternoon talking with Weston, the head of the tech team, and my Trip Hopping partner Larry. The idea is to find a situation that works for all of us, we're still talking on it.

Everyone was going somewhere for Halloween night, I stuck with the group that hadn't a plan, they were just going. We took the BART into the city, me the drunken pilot (not much of a costume, just my favorite shirt), Jessica Rabbit, an 8 ball, a pimp, and cupid. We picked a stop and found a bar to get some irish car bombs and a beer, then heard about a rooftop party in walking distance. After a little while there we heard of another party at some mansion, we stumbled in there and kept drinking, I found myself making out with cupid next to a foosball table.

It was decided we were headed home, we walked a good ways in search for a cab, the BART doesn't run past midnight. Cupid passed out in the cab, she was carried to bed. I still had some night in me, I sat talking to Jessica Rabbit, who was actually a lawyer in LA, and finally sleep.

The next step I know about is Vegas, I'll be hitching there with Mandie, the Aussie I met in Alaska and hitched through Canada with. I've got a couple nights booked on the strip, free room comps, but we plan on getting there a few days before that and couchsurfing and hiking with a friend who lives there. Good times keep rolling.