Futon Development

Since I made it to Greenville, I've met a few characters here and there, and even helped set up a Scholastic book fair. One guy has a stuffed duck on his wall that he ran down with a remote control speed boat. I had some chances at making some cash - painting a house, doing yard work, and shoveling horse crap - all of which fell through. The horse crap is at the barn where I've watched Jenna ride around a couple times so far.

Most of my time though has been spent where I am now, sitting on the futon, laptop on lap. Anyone who's been following me knows I have various websites at different levels of coolness and completion.

One creation I've made on this very futon, is a Google Gadget for Hobo Lifestyle. If you're saying "WTF? Google Gadget?", then it's just for you. You've probably noticed already you have a personalized Google homepage, meaning when you go to Google to do a search you see a calendar or top news stories or something. This is the Hobo Lifestyle gadget. Click that to add it to your iGoogle page. It shows where I am on the map, latest blog entry (like this one), my latest bubbles (pictures I take from my cameraphone throughout the day), and my latest YouTube episode. All that without leaving your Google page, it was pretty fun and easy to make.

I also made a less exciting web site yesterday called QuoteConversation.com. The idea is to string famous quotes together to form a mock conversation. Check it out if you're really bored, if you make a funny conversation I'll link to it in my next blog.

I'll keep making HoboLifestyle.com better too, both for sharing experiences, and the next step, which is to connect people to create new experiences. Facebook has been helpful to an extent, and I thank everyone who's offered up their couch, I'll find my way to each and every one of you sooner rather than later. As Jenna, Carolina, and a few other have learned, yes, I do actually make my way to your part of the world even if I was a couple thousand miles away a day or two ago.

That reminds me, I'm pretty sure I'll be in New York City around xmas time if not sooner and I can only assume more than a handful of good times kinda people will be around. Give me a shout and we'll find something to get into.