Circle the Country

I left greenville on a greyhound bus towards Ijamsville, MD, a tiny town near Frederick. The bus ride was fairly uneventful except for a 90 minute layover in Norfolk, VA.

It was around 10pm and I was pretty hungry, so I set off looking for a burger king about a mile away. Almost immediately I was approached by an old raspy voiced man and his girlfriend asking for 60 cents, which I didn't have. I told him I was using a visa gift card to get some food and he was welcome to join me (Jenna gave it to me for helping change her oil, although I still don't know if there's any money left on it).

Burger King was closed, as well as the McDonalds we checked after that. After a bit of walking around nothing seemed to be open, and he was getting frustrated with how slowly his girlfriend was walking. I was running out of time needing to catch my bus, and ran ahead to a gas station to get some sandwiches. They too were closed, and the homeless guy was out of sight. Not sure what happened to him, but I made my way back to the bus station. We both went hungry that night.

Turkey day was good times with my uncle, aunt and cousins. My mom, step dad, and little bro + sis came down too. I later caught a ride with them on their way back north. They dropped me along the way in White Plains where I caught a train to Grand Central in NYC. From there I jumped on a subway and met Mark at the Shake Shack for the best burgers I know about.

We grabbed a beer and then jumped on the train headed for CT where Sean was waiting, and we all headed out to the bar where we got our share of beers and saw faces we haven't seen since high school, ending the night with a diner trip. I crashed at their place and went to their concert in Norwalk the next day.

So at this point I've made an oddly shaped circle around America. I'm by no means done making circles as some may assume, but I am back in familiar territory for the moment. Tomorrow I'm headed to Yorktown Heights, NY where my dad lives and possibly getting temporary work at a wine/liquor store, as long as they're cool with me only sticking around a couple weeks.

Beyond that there's thoughts of going to Boston as well as spending some more time in NYC with everyone who's there, and staying in the north east through christmas most likely. If you're in CT/NYC/Boston or somewhere else in the northeast, give me a shout anytime through december and we'll have a good time.