Bakersfield and now Eastbound

I made the bus out of Vegas, and even got to Bakersfield a few minutes early. Kindra, the same couch surfing host from before, came and picked me up at the station. Being Halloween night, her house was set with gravestones, a woman in white, and eventually fog machines.

It was a good Halloween, and I ended up crashing at her dad's place. Her dad is an interesting guy, I spent my day working on websites while he was getting into his routine of day trading and playing guitar here and again.

I bounced between his place and Kindra's spare room for about a week, I even stayed in the haunted room one night without getting too spooked. My mom, wanting me close for thanksgiving, hooked me up with an eastbound ticket to North Carolina and another ticket from there up to Maryland for later. I was easily convinced into one more night in Bakersfield so put off my ride east one more night.

As attractive as it was to stay in Bakersfield a bit longer, my itch for the road got me going, and I hopped a greyhound bus around 9pm. At the moment I'm in a bus station in Shreveport, LA, about another day or so left of travel to Greenville, NC.

Of course greyhound is never without incident, there's been several delays, re-routing, and whatnot. We were stopped by border patrol twice, both times we drove away minus a passenger or two. With a little luck I'll make it without too many more delays. I still have my remaining 2 dollar bills from vegas somehow too, so that's a bonus. There's also the potential of floating in the atlantic ocean as a deck hand at some point. Things are looking good, eastbound I go.




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