Vegas Stripped Me

Made my way to vegas and have been here almost one crazy week now. I've been up huge, down low, up decent, and down more again.

After having no luck with couchsurfing, I spent the first night pulling an all nighter playing craps and eventually heading to a 24 hour starbucks. I went up pretty big gambling, so after still not getting any responses for a couch I decided to get a hotel room for $40 a night.

I was all over the strip, going to every casino and getting players club cards dropping all kinds of cash on the craps tables. My luck changed pretty quick, lost all the money I won and more, and still had a hotel bill to pay. I left the hotel at that point with the few dollars I had left, and decided to see if I had enough comp dollars to get a free buffet or something. That's when my luck changed again.

Maybe it was because of big ole' pack, or my dishelved look, but the lady at the players club booth offered me not only 2 free buffets, but 2 free nights at the Bellagio, which is apparently the most "prestige" hotel in America and third most in the world, and here I was thinking I would be looking for a 24 hour starbucks again.

I had a few more ups and downs with the little money I had left, but after my two great nights overlooking vegas were done, I've settled on $6. I'm here now at a starbucks taking advantage of a place to sit and an AC outlet. No rides are showing up on craigslist, least of which the free variety. My comps are tapped out, all but maybe one free meal I'll try later. Sleeping probably won't be too big of a problem, I'm sure I'll find a bench or a bush or something (still now couchsurfing luck which is surprising), but I'm looking at my options for getting out of sin city.

Update! While I was writing this and waiting for my vegas pictures to upload I got a response on craigslist, someone's willing to give a free ride to LA probably monday or tuesday. I guess I won't be trekking across the desert afterall. You can't have this kinda fun staying at home, hobo lifestyle rocks.