From Vegas to California

50 hours of no sleep, that's what happens when you're broke in vegas. While I couldn't find a decent place to sleep I wandered up and down the strip, slipping into casinos and walk around a bit. I used my final dollars to sit at the penny slot machines to sit and have a beer or two and a place to sit. When starbucks opened I'd head their and read a bit, play with mobubble, and things like this.

I decided to make one last stand with a $100 atm trip, probably around hour 36 of no sleep. That was the best move I made the whole trip. In only an hour I turned that $100 into $1400, and not a minute too soon. Feeling a bit more comfortable, I played quick games of craps up and down the strip, leaving each game when I was just $100 or so up or getting my fair share of beers along the way.

At hour 48 of no sleep, about 9am, and up a few more hundred, I went to the check if I could score another buffet. I was literally falling asleep while walking, sleeping in half block increments. This is why I was happy when Treasure Island offered me another comped room. Even though I knew I would be leaving that night, I took it anyways, checked in an hour later, and passed out for good 6 hours.

Waking up around 5 or so, I headed out for another free buffet at the Flamingo. After filling my belly I decided to jump on the craps table, still waiting for my ride out of town to call, which rang about 20 minutes into my game. I cashed out exactly even, down to the dollar, and headed back to treasure island to check out and grab my pack.

My ride to LA was fast, my driver had been coming to vegas once a month for years and years, and liked to drive 100mph the whole way. He was an interesting guy, everything was calculated. He knew the odds to everything, from blackjack, to poker, to the chances of him getting a speeding ticket (only two in his years of zipping back and forth to sin city). We talked about poker, gambling, and everything vegas has to offer, and finally he dropped me off in LA just past 1am in a strip mall on Topanga Canyon Blvd.

I walked a mile or two down the road to a nice little park where I rested up against a tree to doze off. I woke an hour later to the unexpected cold, and whipped out my sleeping bag and warmed up. I enjoyed the sleep and the smell of sap and some kind of berry from the tree. I woke up, packed up, walked another mile or two down the blvd and have no situated at a starbucks as usual while I line up my next set of rides, couches, and some fun while I'm in LA.