Starting Now

It seems whenever I decide to move on, I get a lot more done in those final moments wherever I'm at.

Sometimes it's "ok, the sun has come up, I should go to sleep... I'll just wrap up what I'm doing and pass out", at which point I unknowingly slip into the zone and get 10 times as much done as I did in the 6 hours leading up to the decision to "wrap it up".

The same happens with me on a grander scale, as is the case these days. I know now that my time here in NYC is coming to a close, in just a week I'll write my very last rent check (and hopefully check, period, paper is lame), but recently good times and my overall situation here is on a big high.

It's because I'm in wrap up mode, life is good when you slip into the zone, you are who you are and there's few things more attractive than purity. Everyone's got a few trains of thought going on at the same time, if you have them all thinking about the same thing they'll argue, debate, and may or may not find best answer. When you're in the zone though, it's because they're all doing their own thing, not interfering with each other. One train of thought is quietly focusing completely on what you're doing at the moment, the other louder train of thought is thinking about that girl you just met, what you're doing tomorrow, or the cheeseburger you just ate. It's cool to talk burgers and let the first train of thought do what he does best, don't bother him and you'll be happy.

Like I said though, purity is attractive, good things happen and you may want to stay put. That's not how I see it though. I see it as more incentive for the hobo lifestyle, always moving, wrapping things up, and doing it again. With this in mind, I've realized that even though I'm not moving for another month, my hobo lifestyle has clearly begun.