A Great Journey Ahead

I originally wrote about the concept of Hobo 2.0 on my personal blog last November, and now such a future is in clear view, and I will be embarking on my indefinite journey this July, Jackson Hole, WY being the first destination.

A Hobo is not the same as a bum or a beggar, and Hobo 2.0 is not quite the same as the original Hobo, but many similarities exist, and certainly the spirit. It's about seeing the world, meeting interesting people, and sharing stories as you're living new ones. It's also about being free to go where you please at a moments notice, having no geographical obligations.

Hobo 2.0 has the advantage of being able to share stories with the entire planet as he's living them, as well as gain insight in return. I'll be posting videos, pictures, and stories every step of the way - and speaking of steps, you'll be able to see my activity on the map.

It's also a bit of an experiment to see how I'll be able to survive out there, afford to pay inescapable bills like student loans, and what kind of support (if any) I'll get from people all over the world. I also have a couple websites that I'm trying to get started, Music Slice is the big one. I like the idea of running a company I love without needing to physically be tied down anywhere.

I hope you enjoy watching me go through everything, I know I will. There's still a month or two to go living the "regular" life, plenty of time to prepare my pack with the right supplies and get wicked excited for what's to come in life. Stay posted as I make updates to Hobo2.0Lifestyle.com and create as many ways to stay in touch with the planet as I can. Good times.