Scouting LA and Packing Test Run

I just went on a short trip to LA, a little pre-hobo scouting with me my mom and sister. It was my first trip I've taken since setting my Hobo future in stone, so a pretty good chance to test drive my packing and travel techniques.

It was also the first time I've been to California, so I got to check it out a little bit. We stayed in Santa Monica, our very first night we went to a little strip called the promenade that had someone on every other bench passed out sleeping, not being bothered or hassled by anyone. That was a pretty good sign, there were also plenty of street musicians doing their thing which I also liked.

I later checked out the beach relatively late at night, it also seemed like a friendly place for a hobo to rest his head. All-in-all there didn't seem to be a big police presence like there is in new york. In the days where I temped in the met life building I used to go down to grand central on my lunch break, if you so much as nodded off for a second a cop was right there to hassle you, and I was in a suit n' tie, the whole works.

I still tend to over pack, so I'm really going to downsize my pack when I go out for good. Less clothes, more room for things I may not have thought of yet. The other good news for myself and everyone who will come and enjoy my travels is the new camera I picked up. I wanted to stick to my Pocket PC, but it just wasn't cutting it. I was fine with the picture quality, don't care too much, but the videos it produces are just awful. Skipping tons of frames, jumping around, and the audio can barely be distinguished. For those who care, it's a Canon Powershot SD1000. Yea, I don't know either, seems great to me though, and really small. Good times.