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The BivyPack is back!

The Freestyle BivyPack is now available for everyone!

Quiet OKC and a Vegas Rampage

My time in Oklahoma City was relatively uneventful. I spent the bulk of the nights trying to find a place to sleep. Only one night was spen…

13 Rides, Hiking, and a Bus to Oklahoma

After an unexpected good time in bakersfield, it was time to hit the road. Oklahoma city the target, I-40 seemingly the road to get there. …

From Beach Sleep to Bakersfield

Sleeping on the beach was both great and sketchy, venice beach. The first night I slipped down there, avoiding street lights and making my …

Hungry? Go Hitchhiking

It turned out I'd be couch surfing near Santa Monica with two music school girls. I was not in Santa Monica, and I wasn't up for a …

From Vegas to California

50 hours of no sleep, that's what happens when you're broke in vegas. While I couldn't find a decent place to sleep I wandered …

Vegas Stripped Me

Made my way to vegas and have been here almost one crazy week now. I've been up huge, down low, up decent, and down more again.

After ha…

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