Multitool Toothbrush Pen Scissors Corkscrew Bottle Opener Screwdriver

For a while I've had a big burly pocket knife with all sorts of bells and whistles, most of which I didn't use. I was able to attach my toothbrush and spork to it, which was pretty cool, but the time came where I wanted to not only slim things down, but also rid myself of a blade so I don't have to pay to check my bag the few times I go hopping on an airplane, it's not worth the excessive amount of money and hassle, especially for how little I actually need the blade.

So here's the new little guy. I got myself a victorinox jetsetter, one of their tiniest offerings that also is purposely bladeless. I can attach my toothbrush to the bottle opener with a piece of siphoning tube as I did on my last one and the spork attaches to the scissors nicely.

I noticed that some of their other knives included a retractable pen, which seemed much more useful than the toothpick that came with mine. That's when I found, a guy makes pretty cool custom knives so I emailed him for advice, he happened to every extra scales (handles) from some other same sized knives that had the pen in it. He sent me some, I popped off the lame toothpick and popped in the pen, good to go.

No more bulky knife, no more standalone pen, I threw on a keychain corkscrew and all is well. Always fun trimming some excess.


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