Three years traveling in North America, Now going further

On January 12th, 2007 I left my desk job in New York City, by that summer I'd whittled my possessions down to a loaded backpack and began traveling around North America. I've stayed in Las Vegas suites, with old friends, new friends, under bridges, in the mountains and in the desert. I've hitchhiked 50,000 miles of road getting picked up by well over a 1,000 passing drivers, that and thousands more miles by bus, a few flights and a train ride in the mix.

It's been incredible. I've fallen in love more times than I'll count, with people, with places, with moments.

The United States is huge by itself. I've managed to step foot in every state besides Hawaii and North Dakota, but for every place I've been I've heard stories of a dozen more worth exploring. I've seen some great places in Canada, Vancouver and Montreal have a lot to offer, but there's still much to see there. Alaska's vast beauty is difficult to match and endlessly explorable. Mexico is full of flavor and dynamics, there's still much to see there as well.

I could explore forever, and it's with that thought that I'm hopping a plane to New Zealand and beyond. My flight is January 12th, exactly four years to the day that I left the draining life and began a fulfilling one. I've been told, time and time again, "do it while you're young". I suppose they'd tell an old man, "now or never", or to a middle aged man, "you deserve a break". Whatever the angle, I'll keep doing it, it it it - it's where it's at no matter what it is or where it is, and even if you lose it and go looking for it, you might just find it before you get to it - it's great.

Amidst all the good times the road has brought so far, I'll always remember the time just before and as I was getting started, a particularly high level blend of excited anticipation. I've got it again, onward.


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