Thanksgiving with my Brother and Beer

I stepped into my brothers house for the first time in Dana Point, California, fresh out from a good day of interesting rides coming from the north. It was a nice big house with things like a billiards table and a backyard with a hot tub, he shared it all with a few roommates. No one was home when I arrived, but soon my brother stepped in.

We had dinner at a steakhouse, I was starving by this point so the big meal and pints of Guinness were exactly what I needed after a couple days on the road. Afterwards we went to the big liquor chain in California, BevMo, we made the best beer run I've seen, dropping all the great beers into the shopping cart we saw. A cute girl working there suggested a few that made their way into the cart as well, a girl who knows her beer is something great.

Back home we cracked a few or more, I even popped open the bottle of Chai-P-A I'd brewed up in Chico. It was a good night of great beer, billiards, darts and catching up with my brother.

The next day was Thanksgiving, one of my brother's roommates was around along with a couple other friends. We feasted well, one turkey from the oven and another we deep fried in the backyard, plus double and triple the amount of sides due to a fortune miscommunication.

The next day we made some stops at some stores, the best of which was the home brew shop where I showed my brother everything he needed to start brewing, we got it all and some ingredients of course for the first brew. That night we brewed an oatmeal coffee stout, along with our own touch, a handful of marshmallows.

One more day of relaxation followed and the afternoon after that my brother dropped me off in Rancho Cucamonga. It was from there that I'd begin my big hitch eastbound, but there were more than a few towns to stop in before getting to the Northeast, with my thumb out, I was ready to go.