Parties in Mexico City, Pyramids, on to Puebla

After a ride with our crack smoking trucker, Kelly and I found ourselves on the streets of Mexico City without a definitive place to stay, but a whole day ahead of us. We started walking down the street, Kelly talked to a man about directions and he pointed us to an oncoming bus that would take us to a more central part of the city.

The bus whipped and bumped down the street towards downtown, I'd soon find that buses throughout Mexico were all exactly like this one, short and fat things driving as fast as they can. Kelly asked a guy next to us about what stop we could get off to find internet, the guy ended up getting off with us and guiding us around. He helped Kelly get a Mexican cellphone and then left us at a cheap internet cafe.

Kelly sent out a few messages on couchsurfing, we got a call within minutes to her brand new phone. The guy who called was one she'd been in touch with before, but we wouldn't be in town until later that night.

We went out looking for food and found 5 tacos for 15 pesos, which is just over a dollar. Just after this we got another phone call from a couchsurfer, a guy named Carlos who said we could make our way to his place right away. Kelly called the other guy and told him we'd found a place, as it would turn out we'd end up staying with that guy days later in Puebla.

A subway took us close to Carlos' and we walked up to his home, it was off the street in a colorful and bright alley. Only his mom was home at the moment, a friendly woman who just started learning english. Kelly and I both got showers in and his mom improvised a tasty meal for us which included a banana creme dessert. Carlos' sister came, and eventually so did Carlos. He was friendly too, right away talking about the party we were going to. It was recently his birthday, so there was basically a week long celebration.

Another bus took us to the party, we were among the first to arrive. I figured I'd be the only exclusive english speaker there, but after a while someone said, "So where are you guys from?", and slowly other travelers spilled in until it seemed more than half the people were speaking english. The night went on as many parties do, lots of drinking, introductions and stories about what's happened and what might be next. It was a great time, someone drove the three of us back to Carlos' and we abruptly passed out.

I woke to Kelly's phone ringing and her picking up, mumbling something to me about pyramids and soon we were walking out the door. We recapped the night best we could as various subways took us to a bus station across town, there we met a couple people from the party the night before and hopped on a bus.

The bus ride was just over an hour and landed us at the gates of Teotihuacan. We walked in and through the Aztec ruins, eventually making our way to the sun pyramid, the largest one there and almost the largest in the world. We made our way to the top, shortly after getting up there the rain came down as well as many other people who'd gone up. Soon it came down even harder in little ice pellets, an interesting thing to happen on a sun pyramid. We enjoyed it and continued to explore, making our way next to the smaller moon pyramid, vendors trying to sell necklaces and trinkets at every turn.

We got some really good corn as we exited the park and waited for the bus, mixed with some spices and whatnot in a cup. The bus took us back into the city, a subway ride late Kelly and I were at Carlos' again where there were incredible tacos waiting, we chowed down. Carlos was home soon and we were off to another party.

This one was a little more low key, a different group of people that were nice to talk to, we ended up following Kelly's lead and passing out there at the party. In the morning the three of us headed back home, munched on some leftover tacos, and passed out again.

We woke up and had to get going, Kelly and I said our goodbyes and made our way to the bus station where we met the host we'd almost stayed with, now we were heading to his other place in Puebla a couple hours away. They caught up on the bus, he didn't speak great english and my spanish doesn't do much in conversation, I watched a cartoon in spanish about surfing penguins instead.

As we entered Puebla we passed a never ending VW complex, arriving at the bus station we got a taxi that took us to his place. After sitting down with an Indio, the decent dark beer out of Mexico, we took a bus to the central part of the city to walk around. First was a farmers market, then a big church and then through a big celebration in the park with some good music going on.

We grabbed some food and beer, all the food in Mexico is good, then bused it back to the apartment stopping for juice first. We sat around talking and drinking tequila sunrises, Kelly translated for me, even when I spoke in spanish, which I tried more and more with every sip.

I woke up first and got a shower in, I took advantage of the computer and caught up on some writing as well as getting out some more couchsurfing requests for the places we may be going to next. When everyone was awake we jumped in a taxi to meet one of our host's friends at the mall, then we took his car to the town of Cholula.

We went through a giant market in a warehouse, settling on one place to eat that had good mole sauce with chicken, drinking horchata and then having a good quesidilla, mexican food is good food. We climbed up the hill to the big church next, sampling some fried bugs on the way from a vendor, there's apparently 365 churches in the town. From the top we had a great view of the nearby volcano, there was a cermony of some kind going on to with chanting and fireworks, we could see the whole city from up there.

After some more walking and relaxing on benches, we made our way home. I had a beer and quickly passed out, waking up a hour or two later when everyone was ready to go again. We went to the mall for food where I got a fast food burrito of some kind, I've been told burritos aren't really a mexican thing. The guy behind the counter spoke english, he was from Madrid and bummed to live in Mexico, but his grandfather had somehow kicked him out and he was forced to move to Puebla. I finised my burrito while Kelly and our host had some italian food, then we all headed home. Back there, we watched some cheesy movie about a time machine, some VH1 countdown and then made our way to sleep.

We were both ready to go, in the morning we'd do so. Mexico City was a party for sure, Puebla wasn't bad, but beaches and others things were on our mind.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is a largest monument in the world and it listed in Guinness World Records. Pyramid of Cholula was constructed by one of the seven giants known as Xelhua. Cholula is a highly significant centre of the Mexican. YOu can see very attractive taludtablero patterns coloured in shades of red, yellow and black with insect- shaped creations that are typical of Teotihuacan technique. The Temple of Quetzalcoatl was used as a ritualistic area.


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