Trip Hopping in Arizona

My time in Arizona was all about Trip Hopping, peck peck peck at the keyboard getting things rolling. Trip Hopping is the rideshare and travel site I started with my friend Larry a year or so ago, and an idea that has really been in the works since I first started a couple years ago when I started traveling.

We had a "Brew" here at Larry's place in Arizona, a solid couple weeks or so of us tweaking the site with some help from volunteers. We ended up getting a lot done, one guy, Mark, flew in from Rochester, NY just to help out. He turned out to be a pretty smart guy and contributed a lot. Check out the site if you're interested in traveling, it's a good way to find rides, hitchhiking tips and keep up to date with your friends' travels, it's a hobo's dream.

In between and in the midst of the 15+ hours sessions of coding away, I enjoyed quite a few brews, good ole' beers to enhance the setting, a Dundee Pale Ale is by my side at the moment. I also got to enjoy a whole lot of basketball playoffs, namely the Lakers rocking through teams and at this moment, one win away from a championship.

We spent one day on the salt river tubing, it was quite a trip. There was 13 of us, volunteers, couchsurfers and Larry's kids. It was a party on the river flooded with people drinking, beautiful girls who likely couldn't show ID offering beer bongs and a never ending marshmallow fight all the way down.

In the mix my phone got wet, not sure why I brought it anyhow, but none the less it got damaged beyond repair. With that, all my stored phone numbers were gone. It was hard to care too much being that there wasn't much to do about it, and luckily Larry had an old phone that I was able to activate. I'll no longer be able to connect my laptop to the phone to get internet anywhere, but perhaps I'll come across a new phone capable of this again down the line.

Vegas, yes Vegas, again, is on the future's list. Candice said she'd meet me there for a day or three of Vegas type things, and then head up to Salt Lake City. Either way, I'll be headed through and likely on to Jackson Hole, WY for a day or two with some family before racing back down to the Grand Canyon to do some camping in Havasupai at the end of the month. Good times, always.