Couchsurfing likes Tripping and the Road needs me

The past two weeks have been spent mostly in and around Homer, Alaska here at the Couchsurfing collective, the house perched atop a cliff overlooking the shimmering water and distant mountains, even a volcano. Inside the house people have been having fun, listening to music, and working on the Couchsurfing project from one angle or another. I was chosen to come here to be part of the tech team, but have done little for couchsurfing itself.

The reason for the little work done is the contract I'd have to sign to do so, the NDA and Non-Compete part of that contract conflict with my site Trip Hopping. None the less, CS (Couchsurfing) has taken an interest in my Trip Hopping site and my ability to create things like that. I've stayed longer than the week I was supposed to in order for us to come to some type of agreement where I could help CS with my ideas, and maybe go as far as merging our projects, so the past week I've had a bunch of talks with the folks here, and of course Larry, my friend in Phoenix who is part of the Trip Hopping idea. Yesterday CS made somewhat of an offer for me to come to San Fransisco to their new base camp and work for them, the details of the agreement are a bit sketchy and still need to be worked out, but it's a pretty exciting prospect.

Today though, I'm answering the defening shouts from the road to ride again. I'm catching a ride from a girl in town to Palmer, a place just north of Anchorage. Tonight I'll couch surf with a couple other people that were here at the Collective earlier, and tomorrow we set out. They'll hitchhike together, Walter and Mandie, and I'll hitchhike on my own in the same direction. The idea is to pick out stops along the way and meet up each night for camping, story swapping and good times.

Loose destinations include Vancouver and Kam Loops, I'm excited to be going anywhere, just going, moving, traversing though the unknown. The future is peppered with excitement and thoughts of things that could be. The CS and Trip Hopping bit is exciting, no matter what happens with that will be a positive, and once again let's me end a post with, good times.