Couchsurfing Collective and a Hobo Video

The couchsurfing collective has been a great experience so far, I've been given a simple tech project to stay busy. I'm one of about 20 or so, and everyone is pretty laid back. The days have been spent coding, drinking coffee, eating great food, and drinking Alaskan beers. Last weekend some of us went to a cabin in Hatcher Pass about 6 or 7 hours north of the house here in Homer, more relaxing and some hiking up into the snow took place.

I'm still unclear as to when I'm leaving the collective, when I'm leaving Alaska, and how. There's been talk of making my Trip Hopping project intermingle with Couchsurfing a bit, and that may involve some kind of trip to San Francisco at some point, but that's still very much up in the air.

While I've been playing with couch and trip code, Sean made a video with pictures I've taken over the past year and music from Cyderobin (Sean and Mark and sometimes a random drummer).

The only thing required of me at any future date is a stop at Men's Warehouse to get fitted for fancy clothes, and my friends' Wedding in Sacramento in early October where I'll wear those fancy clothes. That should be a great time, but for now I'm enjoying playing with code and seeing Alaskan sunsets.