is Ready for All Travelers

I've been putting this site together for over a year, unknowingly in the beginning, to simply make traveling easier for folks with little money, and make it easy to share stories as I've been doing the past year. I call it, and it's ready for everybody to join.

The meat of the site is the travel section. Similar to Google maps and sites like Travelocity, you enter where you are and where you want to go. The difference is Trip Hopping will not only show driving directions and flight information, but also rides people have posted on both Craigslist and Trip Hopping itself, with the added bonus of checking out someone's profile and references before catching a ride with them. Anyone can add transportation they know about, like say the chinatown buses that can run you from Boston to New York City, these tips will show up in the search results for more people to discover. The idea is to find every means of getting to where you want to go, there's even hitchhiking tips.

Trip Hopping is also about sharing stories and hearing about your friends travels. Each person has there own map showing where they are, where they've been, and plan to go. You can get text messages sent you everytime one of your friend updates their current location too! Instead of reinventing the wheel, we let you import your existing photos, videos, and blog you may have from sites like Google's Picasa and YouTube.

When you login to Trip Hopping the first thing you'll see is your friend's recent activity, similar to Facebook's news feed, showing who's uploading pics, videos, updating their location, posting rides, making new friends and more. You'll also see a map showing where your friends are visually.

I'm excited as I can be, I hope everyone loves it as much as I do, I use it every day! I also tweak the site and look to add awesome new features constantly. Have fun, and if you notice any bugs, have feature ideas or have any comments in general you can click the "talkback" link at the top of every page. Trip Hopping!