Relaxing in Jackson Hole

The past few weeks have been filled primarily with days hitching rides and camping out along the way, relaxing in Jackson Hole is a luxury even by your average person's standards. I've slept in a proper bed the past two nights, something I realized I haven't done since... Las Vegas back in mid May (I had to look at my map to pull that little stat out).

My days in Jackson have been filled with disc golf, hiking, jumping off boulders into lakes, and eating food tremendous in both quality and quantity. I've also had some time to catch up on uploading photos, a new video should be up tonight from my hitch from NYC to Denver a while back, and of course updating this blog with some pretty long entries, so this short one should be refreshing. Here's the latest photo album to check out from hitchhiking with Heather down to New Orleans.

Hitching with Heather

Here's a map of some of the spots we hit along the way too (if you can't see it click here).

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It's awesome to hear from a lot of you that you enjoy reading my stories and checking out the videos when I actually get around to posting them, more than you I hope I can keep it up, life's been great lately with no signs of slowing. Tomorrow morning I head out an onward with Alaska on the mind and Canada standing between, should be a great one.


  1. Alaska, huh? Jus' don't be like that other douch bag that didn't time it right and got stuck up there in the winter. And then his body was found frozen about a week after he went missing.


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