Finishing Phoenix, NYC Bound

My time in Phoenix was relaxing and rewarding, generally good times. I spent a most weekdays at the construction site with Larry installing glass doors in a relative highrise in Tempe. At night and on weekends I relaxed, nights of good beer and couchsurfing parties here and there.

Partway through last week a few other couchsurfers came to stay with Larry, one German and his new English girlfriend, and one French guy, they all met recently with hopeful plans to continue west and sail to hawaii and then new zealand.

Wednesday we planned to go the grand canyon, the 4 of us couchsurfers renting a mustang. We made one or two too many stops on the way in sedona and other places and managed only a dim post sunset view of the windy and cloudy canyon, I was impressed all the same and look forward to the next time.

The last couple days Larry and I really got to work on the "not so secret website" of ours, and I'm happy to reveal all the details here in a post this week, we're ridiculously excited. I'm now sitting on a Greyhound pointed at NYC that has already brought classic greyhound stories, but I'll save those stories for the next post when the journey is complete, so unti