Boston Lodger

Instead of leaving Boston I ended up getting in touch with Chris, a old friendI haven't seen since high school at least, he's living in the city now and offered me his couch for a couple nights. It was great catching up and talking about old times, we had a few drinks at his place and then headed into the night.

We first grabbed a beer at the kind of bar you could enjoy in any city, and then Chris had the idea to check out a piano bar. I've been to a piano bar in other cities, but this one was more my style, the crowd was on their feet and digging all the tunes the guys were playing, and the pianists themselves were into it feeling every song.

The next day I enjoyed the library, playing with my website under the massive ceiling far above me. That night Chris and I had a few drinks until we realized it was getting late, but still wanted to head into the night. Boston shuts down at 2am, you can't find beer or anything else, that's what we thought. Chris heard rumors of a place in Chinatown where you can ask for the cold tea and get what you need. We drunkenly asked the drunks spilling out of the bars and were pointed in the right direction.

We walked across town and found the spot in Chinatown, we asked for the cold tea and were rewarded with a couple beers. We talked and laughed with some other people who ordered the tea until we were content and headed back calling it a night, a great night.

The next day we went to Sam Adams brewery for a special tour in the name of a charity. It was awesome, starting off with pitchers of beer in their garden while waiting for others to show up, their summer ale and a beer that's never left the brewery they called Devil Mountain Alt beer. The actual tour part showed the brewing process, I smelled and chewed on hops, loving it.

They broke out a beer called Utopias, an exclusive beer they rarely brew. It's 27% alcohol and brewed in barrels with the taste of whiskey, just awesome. We returned to the garden where they gave us more pitchers of good beer and we drank for a while longer.

Later that night I left Chris' place and headed to yet another home in Boston, new couchsurfing hosts where I planned to spend the night. I arrived late and only talked to the two girls a little bit before sleep came about. I was surprised to see an impressive beer bottle collection and they even had an ounce of Utopias in a water bottle stashed in the fridge from some event.

This morning I may aim myself at the bus station and towards new york. The cheaper bus tickets are sold out, but a $15 ticket should still be good. I've blown through my construction money pretty well, every dollar came with a great time. As long as I have dollars left for hotdogs and beer come the 4th of July all will be right with the world, Nathans here I come.


  1. Hard to believe it's been about a year since you started out on this journey of yours. Looking forward to Nathan's too, hot dogs and beer are so good at 9:30 in the morning.


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