Nomadic Moonlight is my latest book

Nomadic Moonlight is my second book to be published and it's a fun one. It tells the story of my first decade of living out of my backpack and on the go. With each turn of the page, we jump ahead to what I was doing and where I was at during the next full moon, starting with my last moon living in New York.

There are hitchhiking adventures, new friends, romances, jail, getting punched in the face, falling in love, stealth camping, keeping up with family, harvest seasons and all kinds of practical travel advice laced into the stories. I had fun writing it and reliving so many adventures, while also seeing just how much the full moon lined up with some of my crazier stories.

I hope you love it, jump on over to Amazon to grab an ebook or the paperback and feel free to leave me a review when you're done.

Keep dancing!