How the free cruise went down

I got two free cruise vouchers for being a degenerate gambler in Las Vegas. Go me. After much hitchhiking around the country, preoccupied with my travels, I found a friend who wanted to join me on the cruise.

To reach New Orleans, where the Caribbean cruise would be leaving from, I had to hitchhike from Austin. One day and three rides landed me in Houston for a night, where I stayed with a friend with a mutual craft beer interest. And beer we had.

Why not just watch the video?

He dropped me off in downtown Houston the next morning to start a long day. I walked a ways to get out of downtown, then proceeded to get four rides from four different girls and ladies in between long waits and walks. 

Alas, I wound up in New Orleans. I stayed at a friend's house in the days before my buddy flew to town I'd be cruising with. He'd rented an Air Bnb, and was eager to check out the city. He'd never been to New Orleans, so this was a trip in of itself for him.

We hammered around the city, getting our kicks for a couple of days, then walked up on the mighty cruise ship.

The cruise itself was seven days. Open bar, buffets included. We stopped a few times at islands and the shores or Mexico and Belize. Cruise-life is far more insulated and plastic than my typical ramblings around the planet, but I embraced the drink-and-chill as we blasted through the week. Dig the video to get the vibes.

After the cruise, it was on to Mississippi. Beer was involved. Stories and video coming next. Cheers!