My Latest BivyPack Prototype, the "Pandemic Pack," is Super Efficient


The latest prototype of my BivyPack concept has been the best I've made so far. It's the lightest, most compact, uses my socks as the shoulder strap padding, and deploys from backpack to bivy faster than ever.

I also made a custom rain-fly that can be worn comfortably as a rain jacket, either as a trenchcoat or classic waist length. Going even further, I made my own sleeping quilt that can be attached to the inside of the jacket to form a very warm puffy coat.

The BivyPack weighs 353 grams, the jacket is 88 grams, and the quilt is 454. Add that all up and convert it to imperial, and that's just a hair under two pounds for all that functionality.


The design is not something that's on sale, although a previous model with more universal appeal is still up for grabs. I'll keep tinkering with this idea, and with enough interest, I may end up producing something along these lines for others.

In the meantime, I'll keep using it for what it's made for: Traveling everywhere I can.

Good times.