The Best USB C Wall Charger for Travel 2020

Best USB C Wall Charger for Travel
This one is easy. No "top 10 list," no list at all. Just the Anker PowerPort Atom PD1.

As someone who lives out of a backpack and is constantly aiming for the lightest and simplest gear possible, I highly recommend this.

If you travel with a phone, a laptop and/or a tablet that's powered by USB C (including you Apple folk), then chances are this is the only wall adapter you'll need. Just one charger for all your devices. And it's tiny.

This is a 30W wall charger with Power Delivery output. That means it charges faster than your stock charger. It means it will not only charge your Apple and Android phone, but is powerful enough for your iPad, Android tablet, MacBook 12" and other USB C devices.

Personally, I travel with (and recommend) a Pixel 3a and a Microsoft Surface Go. As soon as I discovered this wall charger I instantly ditched the two bulkier wall chargers that came with each and slimmed down to this. It's smaller, lighter, and only one charger instead of two. I can even throw it in my pocket.

Sometimes life is easy. You can order the Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 on Amazon, as well as USB C to USB C cable, or a USB C to Lightning cable if you're stuck with an Apple product. You won't regret it.