The Freestyle BivyPack is Back

Update: The Kickstarter was a success and you can now order your BivyPack here.

Anyone who's met me in the past decade has probably heard me talk about my idea to combine a backpack and bivy tent; anyone who's met me in the past few years has seen that I actually made it.

A couple years ago the design had matured enough to warrant a Kickstarter which was funded successfully and sent BivyPacks to travelers and hikers all across the globe. Well, today I've launched a new Kickstarter to introduce the latest version of my BivyPack, chock full of improvements and a new look.

The concept is the same: it's an ultralight 40 liter backpack that transforms into a one-person bivy-tent.

Since the last Kickstarter version I've managed to shave off a few ounces to get it very close to the 1 pound mark. The bivy also breathes a whole lot better thanks to the use of a newly developed ultralight waterproof/breathable fabric and the implementation of a three-stage foot vent.

Perhaps one of the best improvements is a redesign of how the bivy extends from the pack. Transformation now takes only 30 seconds (or less) as the bivy frame is already assembled, coming out in one piece ready to get inside.

All around it's a more polished piece of awesome. I'm excited to continue traveling with the latest version and excited that there's gonna be a whole lot of other travelers and hikers taking advantage of this as well.

Get your own BivyPack and travel freely!