Introducing the Freestyle Travel Show

I'm now hosting the Freestyle Travel Show, an audio show and podcast about traveling freely, spontaneously and indefinitely. It's been accepted into Apple Podcasts now as well, which means you find it not only on iTunes, but just about anywhere you can listen to podcasts and many other places online including YouTube (many links to all that below).

Each episode will typically start with an update on my travels at the moment, then launch into discussion about a niche travel topic or some stories told by me or with the people I interview along the way. It's a great way to hear how other people are traveling, meet the people I meet on the road and get motivated with hyper-specific travel tips.

There's already several episodes posted to get you started, including an introduction to me and the concept of the show, an episode on hitchhiking, another on couchsurfing and hospitality networks as well as the latest episode which gets into packing light.

Expect a new episode at least every other week, with some occasionally sneaking in even more frequently.

Here's all the places and ways you can freely listen and subscribe to the show. It's extremely cool if you rate and review the show, especially on Apple Podcasts, as it helps more and more people discover this. So please do so, that'll be awesome!

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Enjoy the show!