Summer Hitchhiking Across North America with Michele (video)

In the summer of 2013 Michele (or "Marilyn") got three months off work to come and hitch around with me. This is a pretty condensed video showing some of that trip, you can also read about every step of the adventure in the following posts, as well as check out the photos from the trip.

  1. Marilyn Puts on Her Backpack
  2. Marilyn Adventure Begins in Maine with Canadian Border Denial
  3. Hitchhiking from Canadian Border Across Maine to Burlington
  4. Hitching Through Vermont, New York to Michigan
  5. The Road Lead Us To Durango and Colorado Mountains
  6. Hitching From Utah's Red Landscape To Salt Lake City
  7. Hitching To The Grand Canyon, Helpful Arizona Cops
  8. A California Wedding and a Toothache
  9. Hitchhiking to San Carlos for a Boat and Relaxation
  10. Hitting a Hitchhiking Wall in Tucson After Mexico Trip
  11. Out of Tucson and Short Visit to SoCal
  12. Jackson Hole Hiking and Tipping Points
  13. Boise Bend and Beer as Usual
  14. One Last California Leg of the Marilyn Adventure
  15. Wrapping Up The Trip With Marilyn