The Backpack That Turns Into a Tent - The Freestyle BivyPack

Anyone I've met over the years or has followed this blog knows I've long dreamed of a backpack that turns into a tent. Well, it's finally happening.

A while back I met James Rittwage, an avid hiker and obsessive creator of ultralight hiking equipment. Like everyone I've met over the years, especially those into hiking, travel and gear, I told him about my idea of combining my backpack and bivy sack (small tent). It seemed like an obvious way to save weight and add convenience.

It seems I finally told the right person about this idea, he not only loved it, but also had the knowledge of ultralight fabrics along with the skill to bring the idea to life. So, since January of 2015 we've been prototyping and iterating on the idea, I've been traveling with our different versions of the pack since then across the US, South America and Europe.

We've now dialed it in enough to share it with the world, so we launched a Kickstarter to get the funding and make it happen. Go ahead and check it out!


  1. This is indeed every camper's dream! I wonder what happened to that startup? From what I've seen in the market, these kinds of tents are not yet being sold, which is a pity. I love how it cleverly opens up and makes pitching tents so easy. I think what I love most is the versatility and lightweight feature of the tent. Although I'm wondering where I'm going to put all my stuff when I open up my tent? Does that mean I have to get another container for it? Oh, well, that may be the reason why this idea has not caught on, yet. For more backpacking tents that are top-of-the line, see this useful site:


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