Hitchhiking Maps Videos

I love Google Maps, it's true. There's many reasons why, but one thing I use it for a lot is to aid my hitchhiking, whether it's choosing a route, changing my route or finding out if there's a place I can camp nearby.

So, I figured out a way to record myself using maps while explaining the various ways I use them to enhance my hitchhiking experience. I've quickly already whipped up four videos, seen below, and plan to do some more.

The videos I've done so far include finding a good initial spot to hitchhike, finding stealth camping, understanding different kinds of roads in terms of where it's ok to walk and lastly one about hitchhiking from Los Angeles to New York City.

I'll do some more on particular routes to explaining the average time it takes and what you could possibly run into along the way. Hitchhiking is unpredictable at times, though, so don't just take it from me, go hitching!