A tad behind...

You drove a fifth of the way across the country in the WRONG DIRECTION!

Yes and yes, all the same I'm about a year behind on my posts here, the stories that create them have been in the way. I'll catch up sooner or later, the stories with Bridget get pretty good as we continued trekking west, then beyond that as I roamed about the US back and forth on various missions of passion and good times.

Just updating with something short and sweet to let those who read this know I'm still around and kicking. The boat that I last posted about is no more, not to me anyhow. I took off for Christmas on the east coast with sneaking suspicions that things were going far too slowly, we were supposed to have shipped out back in October. I debated my next move and decided that the boat wasn't it, then soon found out that the captain had apparently run out of money for it anyhow.

So I rambled west, stories for posts to come, and now I sit here in Southern California on the eve of anything. I've been staying with my brother the past few nights here, sampling our home brew and catching up. Tomorrow I go... somewhere. Many options, many places calling, near and across the globe.

Love, lust, beer, friendship, scenery and the rest of it, all of it when I'm lucky. Good times.