First time in Rocky Point Mexico, Tequila Tequila

I rode shotgun as we cruised down to Mexico, Rocky Point was our destination, preparing for the Tent Surf event was excuse enough. Larry was in the driver seat, Jim and Dan in the back, all of us excited for the night and weekend ahead.

I had never been to Rocky Point, but Larry had spent a lot of time there, at one time I think he'd know every single person in town. Jim had been down there recently organizing things for Tent Surf, which was a trip for a bunch of people to camp on the beach and party, something that would be going on in the coming weeks. On the ride down I heard stories of the place, things like out running police in RVs and unforgettable bar nights that perhaps would have been better to forget.

We stopped once for food, then again to get Mexican insurance, once at a line of cars delayed for now apparent reason and then finally at the border. Things were at a stand still, but we weren't far down the line. We hung on the outside of the car and looked up at the bats in the streetlights, they fluttered and dive bombed around, I couldn't recall seeing this many bats before.

The cars started moving again and we crossed the border without incident, four beers cracked open as we passed, "See you in the emergency room", we toasted and barreled down the road towards Rocky Point, just an hour to go.

Jim needed to pee, we pulled over. As he got out and started going, we peeled away tearing down the road laughing, soon spinning around to get him. Our headlights revealed his silhouette, still pissing in the cloud of dust we'd left him with. He got back in, more laughs and we carried on.

We at last crossed into Rocky Point, the beach town that sits on the eastern bank of the Sea of Cortez, making brief stops at the gas station and a bank, then heading for downtown. We walked into one bar, it had a sandy beach outside area and a fair amount of people. We didn't stay long though, we quickly went to the Pink Cadillac for shots of Bacanora, a sort of moonshine drink. It had us pacing, Dan disappeared to the bathroom.

The Bacanora set off the night, from there we went to several other bars and taco stands, enjoying every minute. At the last bar we were at an older woman hit on me, which ended when she asked me to buy her a drink. The four of us went to a place to get cheeseburgers before the night was over, a man with bills shoved in his nose danced on the sidewalk in hopes of getting more bills, some young guys entertained the dancing fool and kept him going.

We woke up on the beach and wasted little time, we headed for a bar called Shark Bite which quickly became my favorite spot in town. The people there treated us like gold, Jim had already talked with them on a previous trip in regards to having the Tent Surf crew come through. Bloody marys, coffees, spiked chocolate shakes and breakfast got us started. We drove off somewhere, perhaps nowhere, only to return to the Shark Bite again soon for more drink. We left once again, promising to be back in time for the Lakers game against the Suns, game six, they assured us the table front and center would be reserved in our name.

We found ourselves at the beach, then by the pool at some hotel. The main attraction there was the girls, beautiful in bikinis having as much fun as possible. This was the spot for megaphones and wet t-shirt contests, swim up bars and hot tubs. One girl was being followed by a camera man, she stripped down in the beach shower as him, and plenty of others, snapped off photos of her perfect body in this Mexican escape.

We bounced between the pool, the beach and nearby bar for pints of Indio, perhaps my favorite Mexican beer. The bar itself was fairly empty, but the tasty beers and internet access were excuse enough to get out of the sun for a minute.

We made another trip to a taco stand, a raggedy dog wandered around nearby. From there we headed back to the main strip, Jim went off on his own somewhere. The rest of us went to the store for rum and coke bottles, fixing up drinks that we enjoyed mostly on the pier until game time started to roll around.

We were back at Shark Bite in time for tip off, buckets of beer to quench our thirst. The bar became packed, mostly with Suns fans transplanted from Arizona, I was the known and just about lone Lakers fan in the place, taunted every time the Suns scored. It was good fun, I taunted right back, enjoying the whole scene; to my left was the ocean view where the sun soon dropped below the water. The game finally came to an end, and the series as it were, the Lakers crushed the Suns and the dreams of Larry and the rest of the bar.

It was a wild scene from that point on, it started with a shot of tequila Larry got me to congratulate my victory. This may have seemed like an act of good sportsmanship, but in reality it was the first missile in his offensive strategy to get me wasted. Shortly after this shot, the bar tender came towards me with the bottle, she cocked my head back why people cheered and then poured a steady stream down my throat. She'd come back two or three times before we moved on.

We were at the Pink Cadillac again, I was wearing some girl's sun glasses and stumbling over my words talking to a different one. Jim was buying my vodka and tonics laughing at me, except they were really just cups of soda water. He'd asked me earlier if I wanted water, my response, "Don't you ever ask me something like that. Ridiculous".

For a brief minute I thought we were lost, but I soon found the rest of my group at the taco stand. Larry and Jim argued about some girl and just how ugly she was, I snagged forgotten tacos off plates and couldn't eat enough. I was babbling incoherently, Larry's offensive was a success.

"You smell like Steve Nash", I told him, several times. "If I were Jesus, I'd eat a donut", I told them all, and it was true. We passed a place called Reggies with part of the sign showing that they had beer and donuts, "I like the way you think, Reggie", I said as we passed.

We rolled into the beach, I was out of the car before we'd even fully stopped, reaching for my sleeping bag and vanishing into a sandy slumber.

We all woke around the same time, passing out wherever we did. We talked for a bit, recalling the antics of the night before, then headed to a spot for quesidillas. We drove around some neighborhoods afterwards looking at houses, I never caught what was fully going on, I think we were looking for some house specifically, but mainly seemed to just be admiring what we saw.

We went to the buffet at the reef, which was on the beach we'd been sleeping on. We filled up and arranged with the owners to give lowered prices to the people coming to Tent Surf. We were at Shark Bite again, paying a bill that hadn't got paid the night before I believe. From there we wandered around town while Dan looked for a gift for his girlfriend, back to Shark Bite, then back to the bar with the Indio beer. We took one last walk on the beach and swim in the ocean, then we were soon on the road again heading for the USA.

We crossed the border and began passing the towering saguaro cactus fields. We stopped for pizza in the town of Ayo, a solution for our hunger and our impending hangovers. We kept cruising, tired, they slept in the back, I nodded out for quick stints in front, Larry nodded out too from time to time, trouble there was he was the on driving. It got to be too much, he switched and Dan took the wheel, getting us all the way back to Phoenix. I stumbled into the house and fell over onto the mattress in the front room, quickly sleeping away a fun time in Mexico.