A quick trip to Philly

I arrived in Philadelphia at 30th Station via Megabus by night fall, I walked a mile or so down to South street and found the apartment I'd be couchsurfing at. No one was home, so I grabbed a slice of pizza before heading back where I met Ronie, one of the guys I'd be staying with. A little TV and talking, I was soon passed out on the couch awaiting another morning.

I wandered the city streets the next day, soaking in the vibe of Philadelphia. No one is in a hurry in this city, everyone seems to be on an eternal lunch break from their indifferent jobs. I grabbed a cheesesteak from a cart on the corner of Spruce and Broad, a Save the Children girl stopped me on the street with her clipboard, I ate my sandwich while she went on about children in need, finally asking me for money I didn't have. From there I wandered the streets some more, poking my head into the Foodery, a deli looking place with a wide selection of unique beers.

I opted for a $1 Pabst at a bar on South street I'd been to a couple times in the past, then headed back to the apartment. I got in touch with an old friend of mine, Joe, who was living in Philly, I met him half a lifetime ago, but hadn't seen him in more years than I can remember. We grabbed a couple beers and caught up on those years, as well as thoughts for the time ahead of us, which for him was a potential move to California for surfing and design sorts of work.

I headed back to Ronie's place where he was with one of his roommates watching TV. I sat with them for a bit until we decided to run into the night. He first took me to a bar called Bob's and Barbara's, the draw being live jazz music and a $3 deal that bought a PBR and a shot of Jim Bean. The Jazz was great, the drummer seemed to barely have a grip on the stick that dangled from his left hand, yet played quick and tight during 5 minute solos, all three of the musicians were as old as anybody, their instruments were just extensions of their body by this time in life.

We stayed for a few rounds listening to the Jazz and sharing a few stories, then headed to bar called Oscars for another beer, then to Good Dog, a place I'd actually been before with a girl from town for sweet potatoes fries. We pointed back home, a girl shouted at Ronie from the open window of a cab rushing by, someone he knew, once home we passed out fairly quickly.

In the morning we went to a diner, I just got a coffee and toast, we met up with Joe shortly after and went to a place called Ten Stone just down the block for a sandwich and a beer. I drove around with Joe for a bit after that until heading for the bus station where he dropped me off. The bus shot me up to 28th and 7th Ave in Manhattan, I walked at a speedy pace to Grand Central, stepping on to a 6:07 train to Connecticut as the doors were closing. My mom picked me up down the line in New Canaan, we grabbed some food and headed for the house were I relaxed for an hour or so before I headed right back to the train, there was a cable I had needed to pick up for my phone.

I got back to Astoria later that night, Mark and Sean were gone, probably in or on route to Connecticut themselves, Carl and Kelly were quick to sleep, I did the same shortly. I was up early the next day, I had a 9am bus to catch to Washington DC. Showered with my bag packed I ran for the bus, some good times were fast approaching just down the road.


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