Back in the USA, Flats in Phoenix

Larry picked me up outside the airport in Phoenix, it had been a trip just getting back from Mexico. We went and got my laptop from Kelly's brother-in-law, he was the one who'd drove us over the border into Mexico weeks ago.

Larry's truck needed a new tire, we checked about 10 places before finding one who had the right 37 inch tire size. He got the new one on there and we headed out to pick up Trish. We wound up at Popos, the great mexican place Larry frequents and I get to usually every time I'm in town.

The next day I rode out with Larry to help him with a sign job, the blazing Arizona sun became reason enough to turn around and put it off until a cooler evening or morning. That night we wound up at sidebar, a bar where some couchsurfers around Phoenix meet every wednesday, I like the place for their decent beer selection. I had an Arrogant Bastard, Dogfish Head 90 minute, and a Taddy Porter after we dipped downstairs for food.

We probably would have just went home, but it came up that I'd never been to a proper strip club, so that was our next move. We went to a decent place, split into a topless and fully nude area, I ended up getting a dance paid for me. The girl sat and talked for a while with me in the corner, telling me how she was a few months pregnant or more and thinking of doing lesbian preggo porn when she started showing.

The next week I relaxed in Phoenix, getting back to Trip Hopping and improving the site. A few times I went to Jeepers during the day with Larry, an indoor amusement park that was paying him to paint a mural and things. It worked out great for his kids, who came and rode all the rides for free while their dad worked. I used the wifi there, occasionally riding a ride or playing a game.

The next Wednesday we were headed out to Jeepers again, Larry, me and his kids. A tire blew on the freeway, we managed to make it to a gas station though. The treads had come off the tire, this was the second blown tire from a set of four Larry had just gotten, the first was the one he replaced after picking me up at the airport. He swapped out the smaller tire in his trunk, and we were on the road again.

We picked up his brother first to help him out, he needed a new motor for a VW Bug, we picked it up at the shop while pursuing the camper vans they had. After a stop for food and a look around a map store, we dropped off his brother and the engine, the kids played with the goats in the backyard for a bit before we took off.

It was now too late to go to Jeepers, after the tire ordeal and helping with the VW engine, so we went to pick up Trish from work. We headed back home from there, but right before the exit, another tire blew out. We clunked along in the shoulder, but it sounded pretty bad. Larry got out into the sun and changed the tire, swapping in the one that blew earlier that day, it was in better shape than the one that just blew. We drove very slowly the last mile or two back to his place, people looking at us funny the whole way driving on the shredded tire. Beer was enjoyed when we got back, good ole' beer.

A couple days later I was to get my thumb in the air again. Northern California was on my mind, Salt Lake City was in between, and before that, of course... Vegas, that would be my next stop.


  1. Im heading to OKC for a few weeks and then somewhere warmer whats been up since your last post?


  2. are you a Ryan I know already? Since my last post I cruised up through Vegas, then to Salt Lake, then I spent a good deal of time in different places in northern california on farms and whatnot, eventually cruising down to san francisco and on to Bakersfield where I am now, tomorrow heading to Oceanside to see my brother. I haven't written in a while, i know... i'll have to get back to it.


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