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Tripping in Phoenix

I came to Phoenix to get my website by back online, Trip Hopping, mission acomplished. Other than that's it's been a typical Phoenix visit - beers, jokes, Popos mexican food and riding around in the sprawled out area that is Phoenix Metro.

The first day, however, I made a trip to the Grand Canyon with Larry's brother and some other folk's in town. This made up for the last time I visted, where I arrived in the dark due to some poor sun management on the behalf of the couchsurfers I was riding with who wanted to see every look out point and attraction along the way.

I caught up with Jacob too, he was my couchsurfing host in Charleston, WV when I was hitchhiking through last month with Hoang-Chau on the NYC>Dallas>San Diego trip. Word is he'll be staying with me in Vegas tomorrow. That's where I'm headed, Vegas, again, hitchhiking. This should be a good one, Walter is flying and Aaron & Jessica are driving in. I met Walter in Alaska working for Couchsurfing and hitchhiked with him from there to Vancouver, he lives in Holland if he lives anywhere. I went to school with Aaron in Orlando and last saw him when he married Jessica in Sacramento.

I am pumped to have Trip Hopping back up, if travel is built into your lifestyle you'll love it. Party hard, see you in Vegas.


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