Another Week in Salt Lake City

I've been in Utah for some time now, the days have been all together relaxing. On Saturday, Pi Day (3.14), a group of us went down to the Bohemian Brewery again to see Bobby and enjoy some beers. We got pitcher after pitcher and a whole mess of food, then Bobby, the brew master, took us all on another tour. We ran into the owner along the way, he bought us all beer and made us laugh the night away with stories of losing her virginity in a tree and the like, Ingrid had pains in her stomach from laughing so much. He was a Czech guy who said everything he thought and hit on the two girls the way only a happy old married man can.

The next couple days were simple. We drank dry-hopped beers in the backyard, I attempted headstands during impromptu yoga sessions. One night was spent at Candice's land lords place drinking wine, spilling back to her place with more drinks and routy laughter, then quiet chatter and chuckles until the sun came up.

Come Saint Patricks day Ingrid flew back to Vegas. We made a stop at Home Depot again for supplies to make hoola hoops, we'd gone there a day or so before to make didgeridoos out of pvc pipe. I took my first sip of Guinness for the day and started putting hoops together with Candice and her new roommate Kate, she moved in just a couple days before.

The day crept on, strung together by beers and banjo strumming, then we headed out to Bobby's house where he was having a party with seemingly endless beer from his brewery. I played a couple games of beer pong with Cameron and then disappeared up stairs where the rest of the group had gone to, smoking a joint enjoying some peace away from the party. We talked to Bobby up there for a while and eventually headed home for some late night food and some sleep after some talking for a bit.

I held the banjo for a while the next day, mostly alone in the house. The sun was out and the backyard was nice, Candice was out working on her garden. After getting some tacos with Kate, Cameron came home and we decided to squeeze a hike in, it was late, but we figured we could get up the mountain in time for the sunset across the valley.

We sped up the mountain, Cameron was quick, we saw some about eight Elk and later a moose carcass as well. Towards the top the snow got thicker, we just made it to a ridge towards the top as the sun was setting and watched it go down in just less than a minute. I didn't have socks on, my toes had lost feeling, we smoked a bowl and looked out on everything a few more minutes.

Down we headed, trudging through the sometimes knee deep snow until we got past the thick of it. "This turned into an adventure", Cameron said, we turned on our headlamps, I rubbed my feet, they went from cold to numb to stinging at this point, but I was high, so kept walking and wiggling my toes without much concern, eventually feeling came back.

It was dark now, we stopped at one point to let the elk pass away from the trail, and a couple more times we stopped just to peek at the stars and listen to the sounds of water and animals around us. We managed our way down back to the car, both feeling pretty good after a race up to the sun and the adventure back down.

The next day we relaxed, Candice working on her garden and hoola hoops, me wandering around, drinking some beers with Peter. We took the night to some live music and drank some beers while playing pool.

The weekend would bring some camping in the desert, more on that next time.