Night Before Christmas on the East Coast

It's been relaxing times in Astoria crashing on the futon at my old apartment, the last place I lived and moved away from almost a year and a half ago. Mark had brewed some beer and saved me the last one, we also had supplies and brewed up a new batch, 5 gallons of an India Pale Ale is fermenting at this moment about a month away from being drinkable.

Most of my hours have been filled pecking at the keyboard coding my site Trip Hopping getting ready for our big push to start 2009, it's exciting watching features come together and more people using it. 

I can't spend all my time on it though, there's been plenty of big beers and relaxing that needed doing. One of the first nights in Astoria Mark and I headed out to a beer bar he'd heard of close by, Sunswicks I think was name, around 30 beers on tab right there in Astoria. We tried beer after beer, the first few were sweet, but overall very good. A couple girls sat at the table next to us, a smile flashed my way only so many times before I had to invite them over, they were into beer and we enjoyed a couple more rounds before staggering back home, the beer helped tone down the cold of New York. 

More coding, one night became Visibly Drunk night, Mark and I get sketchy cheap liquor and talk and drink in front of the camera for a show we put online sometimes, it's usually just a great drinking night with random people coming through, I had enough to make me throw bread at Kelly, it worked out well.

I headed back to Connecticut where I watched my little brother's basketball game, the next day we headed to the airport to pick up my older brother, he has a couple weeks leave from the Marine Corps for the holidays. 

The next day I headed back to the city, the girls we met at the bar were having a christmas party. Mark had to work, but I enjoyed myself with the girls and their friends. I headed into the city next day and met up with one of them on her lunch break to wander over to Rockefeller Center to see the big ole' tree, then wandered the city on my own for a while doing this and the other before finding the restaurant Mark was working at for another hour. I ordered a beer I'd never had and nursed it until he was done, we headed downtown to a good beer spot and picked up a selection for the train ride, we met Sean at Grand Central just after 5 with some pizza and headed down the tracks for New Canaan, my parents were having a Christmas party. The beers were great.

Blake picked us up at the train station and we were back in time for the party, family friends and the like wandered through the house, drinks flowed until the night came to an end and we all passed out. Mark and Sean headed back to Weston, I coded the day away, tomorrow is Christmas. There's a Lakers game to look forward to tomorrow, and a trip to my dad's place. Good times ahead.