Rounding out Vancouver

Vancouver was a great time. The first few nights were spent at Patricia's place near 18th and Commerical. Casey and Jelena got in late one night, I'd met them both in Alaska at the Couchsurfing collective and now they were on their way to San Fran. The whole next day we biked around Vancouver towards the beach, a whole pack of us including a hitchhiker Casey and Jelena picked up on the way down, it was a great way to fly through the city.

We had a picnic and bonfire of sorts the next night on the Spanish Banks, good food and drink had by all, the blazing gold city skyline relefcting the last of the sun on all of us. Walter and I made our was to Destine's place, a host in town who had 15-25 couchsurfers in her small apartment at any given time, it had a hostel feel to it.

One night we ended up at a bar for Vancouver's weekly couchsurfing meetup, that's where we met Kimmie, Walter had found her profile earlier and she recognized him straight off. I only talked to her a few minutes before tossing the idea of hitching down to California together. Walter and I went home with her, leaving the bulk of our things at Destine's for the night. We were treated like kings, Kimmie was free flowing and generous in every way one could be. 

The next day Walter and I met Mandie and co for pancakes and frisbee, Laura and Andrew were there too. Later we walked to Destine's place and grabbed our things, then some beer, then hopped a bus to Kimmie's, we always had late nights at her place, Kimmie and I exchanging stories and laughter, Walter half sleeping and enjoying.

We all went to a Canyon hike the next day, a beautiful spot on the planet.