Up and Down California

It's been a fun month, all in California. The time came to leave Sacramento and start making my way down to see my brother in Carlsbad before he got shipped to Japan.

I jumped on craigslist and found the cheapest southbound ride I could. By the time I got in the car with Sri from Intel (the driver) I still had no idea exactly where I was going or where I'd be sleeping that night. Luckily I got an email response from couchsurfing.com from Jennifer in LA saying I was more than welcome to stay with her the night, giving me a destination.

The car ride from Sacramento to LA itself was nice, the other passenger catching a ride was a bit of a hobo himself named Mitch. He's been traveling for the past 10 years mostly between 5 or so cities. He told me a lot about Burning Man which sounds like a lot of fun. He said he was thinking about settling down, but I think he changed his mind back after I told him about couchsurfing.com.

We ran into some jackass cops only blocks away from Jennifer's place. There was a police checkpoint and they were giving Sri a really hard time, asking random questions. They told him he can't be driving in California with an Illinois license. Yea. So the cop looked at me and asked if I had a license. He made use switch seats, apparently my Connecticut license was good enough.

I was greeted warmly when I got to Jennifer's place by some excited folks, a few who went to the same school I did, Full Sail, and even lived in the same apartment complex I did. Beer pong and good times. I only stayed for two nights and Blake picked me up and drove us down to Carlsbad.

There I spent some time with Blake, and building sand castles on the beach. The great thing is I finally got MoBubble up and running, launched. Just give me a shout if you wanna try it out, it's pretty fun.

Now Blake's off to Japan and I'm sitting in a starbucks in San Diego. I'm not sure where I'll be the next couple weeks, but I know a lot of it will be spent on MoBubble and working the bugs out. Should be fun, happy hobo times.