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This is a collection of gear that I carry, like or have created myself. You can also read my packing guide to ultralight freestyle travel where I dive deep into detail about travel packing.

For Camping....

Freestyle BivyPack
This was a dream of mine for a long time, a backpack that turns into a tent. It's incredibly lightweight, waterproof and awesome. I've been testing and updating and even ran a Kickstarter once I hit a stable version. If you're interested in this, you'll just have to email me,

Hobo Lifestyle Logo Gear

Hobo Home Brewer Beer Stein zazzle_mug
Hobo Home Brewer Beer Stein


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Dr. Bronners soap is the swiss army knife of hygiene on the road. I can use it as soap and shampoo in the shower, brush my teeth with it, wash my clothes and more. The stuff is magic, check it out and other gear I like to use while traveling.