Tent Surf 2011

Last year I went to Tent Surf in Rocky Point, Mexico and had great times partying on the beach, on booze cruises and around town. It's on again this year, same beach, more people and even more going on, guaranteed madness.

I'm in Australia at the moment and won't be able to make it this year, but synchronistically I requested a girls couch in Darwin up in the Northern Territory and later looked at her photos and saw a picture of me off to the side with her in the forefront getting a shot poured down her throat at last years Tent Surf! So while I'm recalling the good times with her and attempting to trace back if we ever even met in the wild beach days and nights, you should try to make it down to Mexico for your own good times this year.

It's June 9th - 12th, Trip Hopping is organizing the caravan down across the border for anyone in the Phoenix area. Here's where to find heaps more information: http://www.tentsurf.com


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