Lifestyle Upgrade

I hope everyone's enjoying episode 5 "Jackson Hole". I'm sure I haven't done this place justice, but I'll be here a little longer and have at least one more episode here to show you a little more.

I've made a lot of changes lately, and I'm getting in the swing of things. The site should be running a little quicker, and the biggest changes have come to the Map section. Now when you're there it will default to the latest episode, pulling in all relevant pictures, landmarks, episode description, and even the video that pops up right on the page. Maybe less important to you guys, I've made it a lot easier for me to post and auto-organize all this information too, which leaves me more time for fun. You can also link directly to a favorite episode map state, so you can send a friend a link to an older episode with the map and all the goodness, here's how you do it:

All you do is change the last number in the url, see the example above links to episode 4, and that's it. Any suggestions for the site? Let me know.


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