Projects & Friends

I have a few projects I'm intermittently contributing to, these are some of them. I've also met some people who are travelers and otherwise interesting folks, so here's some links to them as well.

Freestyle BivyPack

An ultralight backpack that's also a solo tent. This has been dream of mine for a long time, now a reality. I've been using it the past year, now anybody can. You can even order your own now on Kickstarter.

Trip Hopping | Trip Hopping / Kenny Flannery
Offer and request rides, search rides posted from all over the internet.

Hobo Home Brewer
I love to brew beer. This is my site dedicated to brewing stories.

Book - Heaps of people tell me I should write a book about my travels, so I finally started getting one together. If you're interested in reading it, email me and I'll let you know when it's done.

Projects you could help with:

Hobo Lifestyle Comic

I shoot video of my travels from time to time, but sometimes I don't think to do it or it's simply not appropriate (not everyone likes getting filmed). I write about everything, but I'm thinking a comic would be a more visual way to share some stories. If you or someone you know would be interested in starting a web comic based on some of my stories, let's do it!

Custom multi-tool

Do you know how to make little tools out of titanium? Get in touch and let's make something cool!

All-in-one universal charger with a bonus

Do you have electronic skills? Do you know how to make a wall charger, have you worked with USB and do you have access to a 3D printer? Well maybe I'm hitchhiking your way, get in touch!

If any of these projects look like something you could get into, shoot me a message at

Other interesting people and projects

Petit Bibi on the road
A 4 year old who's been traveling the world since being a baby, mostly hitchhiking.

How to Travel Without Money
A great resource a friend set up that shows how you can travel without money.

Helium Hiking Equipment
James from Augusta, a gear maker and avid hiker. Helped make my backpack bivy.

Find couches to crash on and people to meet all over earth

Molly Jo
She hikes (a lot), hitchhikes, bikes, "fuck that man made shit!", she is Molly Jo.

Walter Heck
A sleepy world traveler.

Ben Hanna
A traveler keen on design and technology.

Miss Mandie
Soul Strategies - Career Crossroads. My beautiful friend helping people transition.

Hippies on http. A couple girls I know cruising Thailand at the moment I'm typing this.

My friend's band, I recorded and mixed their latest album. You can see the six songs on YouTube here:

New Orleans Storyboard Artist
A world famous storyboard artist doing most of his work in New Orleans now, I first met him in NYC.

DaCuore Natural Products
My friend's natural products, creams and the like.

Johnny Modest
A radically honest hitchhiker.

Graham Shea
A flying adventurer.

Molly Aubry
Beautiful artwork.

City Hippie NYC
The Offbeat and Overeducated in NYC

The Odds
The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Heather Byrdie Travels
My first hitchhiking partner, doing her thing.

Alaskan Highway Travel Tales
Book by Jennifer Smith, includes part of my story hitchhiking the highway.

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